Running with two left feet

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to start running. Cardio was my thing. Getting sweaty and red faced from exercise cleared my mind, and the noise from the blood pounding in my ears stopped me from listening to my own thoughts and that constant ‘to do’ list in my mind. A great stress reliever.

My husband runs. And not just your jog around the block after work kind of run. No. He likes to run crazy ultra marathons. Yep. I heard that intake of breath and exclamation of “what the hell?!” My thoughts exactly. “Why?” you ask. I’m still trying to understand that myself. Anyway, back to me running. I have one of those daydream moments, imagining myself super fit and toned, looking totally in the zone whilst jogging. Just me and the pavement.

Let me introduce reality into the situation. I get to the gym. I turn on my iPod to my newly created running mix, filled with lots of high tempo songs and ones that make me want to start an air drum solo. (NOT a great thing to try and do whilst on a treadmill, might I add). I crank up the music, get the machine working and start running.

Wow. This is great. I’m running. I look like I belong here. No one can spot me as the new girl. I’ve got my shit together. Until I get distracted. And then it happens.

running meme

I somehow manage to flick my iPod out of the little cup holder thingy on the treadmill with my hand, bashing my fingers against the treadmill handle. At the same time my iPod goes flying, (headphones however, are still miraculously in my ears), and hits the girl on the treadmill next to me. So not only am I shaking my hand to try and stop the pain in my throbbing fingers, I’m also shouting an apology over my music in my earphones to the poor girl I have just assaulted with my iPod. To her credit, she didn’t even flinch when it hit her. She was in the zone. I’m still yet to find mine. Maybe I should cross “run half marathon” off this year’s to do list…

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