No such thing as kid safe scissors

I’m calling BS on so-called “kid safe” scissors. The kind that are supposed to only be able to cut paper.

I’m guessing the makers of these scissors didn’t test them with a group of determined six year olds.

My six year old has demonstrated that these scissors can cut more than just paper.

His school shirt for example. Not just one shirt though. Three. And not the cheap plain ones you have as a back up. The more expensive ones with the school logo.

And hair. He has given himself two haircuts with these scissors that apparently can only cut paper. The latest haircut leaving him with a patch of hair so short, it’s a different shade to the rest of his hair.

School photos are next week. Fantastic. My child will be the one in the class photo with the unique hairstyle and botched sewing job on his shirt.

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4 thoughts on “No such thing as kid safe scissors

  1. My boy has lost three school hats so far and a jumper. He has also used the school scizzors to cut his school shirt on two occasions. I didn’t have quite the right shade of blue to fix it, so he has these two lovely contrasting blue mends to serve as reminders.


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