Make my wine a big one, with a chaser of chocolate.

Make my wine a big one, with a chaser of chocolate.

New week, fresh start. That’s what I’m hoping for.

After somehow stuffing up my neck, preventing me from going to boot camp all week and had me in a foul mood, it has just been one of those kinds of weeks.

My husband somehow left a permanent marker pen in his pants pocket. So it went through the wash and most of the clothes (miraculously, some of the clothes escaped damage,) now look like they’ve been attacked by a terrified octopus – they’re covered in ink.

The other washing on the line was crapped on by the cockatoos that are currently destroying our huge tree.

Our one year old climbed halfway into the front loader washing machine. He is an adventurous spirit, I’ll give him that. Then he found his older brother’s play dough kitchen tools and decided to bang the wooden rolling pin on the glass door.

I’m reaching for the wine already.

Adventurous little dude climbs into dishwasher whilst I’m unstacking it. Thankfully he missed the knives. And he’s doing all this on minimal sleep. Yes, he has decided he only needs about 20 minutes of sleep during the day to function, as opposed to previously close to two hours. I wouldn’t mind if he was happy when only having such a short nap, but he is feral. He just yells and throws things.

Explosive nappies of epic proportions.

Sweet mother of God.

On the plus side, we finally found our six year old’s lost school hat. From the look of it, it had been used by other kids at school as a basket to collect honky nuts, leaves and chunks of the grass oval.

I also managed to make a space for just me. A new little desk that hopefully will not become cluttered with Lego men and odd socks that have lost their mate. A little desk I can just write at. I’ve carved out time to work on the background of the blog, and also gave it a new look. Tell me what you think of it 🙂

I still feel a bit like a hamster running flat out on a wheel. But that’s normal, right? Please tell me that is normal…

Make my wine a big one. With a chaser of chocolate.

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6 thoughts on “Make my wine a big one, with a chaser of chocolate.

  1. Your adventurous little dude sounds just like my little buddy. 22 months old, into everything and has just changed from an hour a day nap to nothing at all! Great post 🙂

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