If I could have one wish…

dinner-300x200I love my children dearly. They make me laugh and smile every day, and are also the reason why I’m always so tired.

But no matter how much of a Supermum I may feel like some days, there is always one guaranteed thing that happens that brings me crashing back down to the world of mortals, and makes me feel like a failure. Dinner time. Continue reading

I hope you know how thankful I am

roll of honourThis year marks the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. Where so many young lives were lost. When parents lost children, children lost parents, and lives were changed forever.

We are a military family. My husband, his brothers, my brother, my sister-in-law, my grandparents, and many friends have all served. We have tried to teach our kids the importance of what Daddy does. What our family and friends do. What the thousands of other families out there experience. Continue reading

Loving my blog? Vote for it in Kidspot’s Voices of 2015

If you’re enjoying what you’re reading on my blog, please consider voting for Life, kids and a glass of red in Kidspot’s Voices of 2015. It is all about helping to discover Australian online creatives – including blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Not only does it help spread the word of some great Australian creatives, the winner can also score some paid work out of it! Getting paid to write? Now that would be fabulous.

All details of the search can be found at http://voices.kidspot.com.au/nominate/. If you’re one of my lovely Australian followers, go ahead and make sure you vote for your own blog too! Share the blog love!

Nominations close 27 April 2015.


Home Beautiful vs Reality

Home Beautiful vs Reality (1)I was given a whole pile of past editions of house style magazines the other day. The ones filled with beautifully furnished homes, elegant dining areas, kitchens I would sell one of my kidneys for, and gardens that put the botanical gardens to shame. I sat and flicked through them looking for some inspiration. We moved in to our house a few months ago and it is pretty tired and in need of some freshening up. I want it say “we live here!” as soon as friends and family come to visit.

I want the house to reflect us and be practical for our needs. Continue reading

What has happened to the simple act of kindness?

What has happened to the simpleI was out walking the other day with my 70kg worth of dogs, pram and child, when a woman stopped her car, wound down her window and spoke to me. She told me that she has seen me out walking and admires how I make it look so easy (she obviously hasn’t seen me try to rein in the beasts when they see a cat across the road) and how I’ve inspired her to get out more with her dogs and kids. Continue reading