What is worse than finding a spider in the bath tub?

bath tubFinding half a big hairy spider. That’s what is worse.

I went to get the kids bath ready, only to discover remnants of a big, hairy spider. Four hairy legs. That’s all that was left.

Now the legs themselves didn’t bother me. I’m used to big spiders. I don’t like them, but I’m used to seeing them. Usually I’m the one squishing them after the hand-sized hairy bastards have hitch hiked on my car. Many a time have I almost had a heart attack after seeing them clinging to the car in my peripheral vision when I’m on the freeway. (Please note I only squish the hairy bastards that charge at me after I try to release them back outside. Yes, I have been charged at by a majorly pissed off, big, hairy spider on more than one occasion. The ones I see outside that aren’t bothering me, I leave alone).

It was the fact there was only PART of the big hairy spider left. That is what freaked me out.

Where had the rest of it gone? And more importantly, what the hell had eaten it?! Obviously something bigger and meaner had come along, decided to pig out, but left the last few legs as a snack for later. Did that mean it was going to come back? And where on earth was the spider-eater now?!

After removing the legs left in the bath, I put the bath plug in. Just in case. I wasn’t taking any chances. I might also keep the bathroom door closed too…

8 thoughts on “What is worse than finding a spider in the bath tub?

  1. Could it hv been ants feasting on it? They either got too full or poisoned by toxic. Those tiny creatures are mean too and you don’t even see them! *shudder* (also at yr half eaten spider story)


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