“Fun size” is not fun

Fun size is not funWhat is with the shrinking size of chocolate bars, and more importantly, those little red frogs packed with artificial colours and flavours that I know are probably going to kill me, but I’m addicted to?

I bought a packet of those share packs, the ones with 15 little chocolate bars in them. They claim to be “fun size”. I call bullshit. They are not fun size.

When I’m in one of those moods and a bit of a scary mumma bear, chocolate is sometimes thrown at me from across the room by my husband as he cowers behind the couch. Ok, so he’s not actually cowering, but I can be pretty scary when I have PMS 🙂

Chocolate is good for the soul. But those damn little “fun size” chocolate bars are not. Instead of having one, thinking “yep, I’m good now”, you find yourself eating several. Then you feel guilty for eating several of them.

Size does matter.

I love red frogs. I used to live on them when I was studying at uni. Between red frogs, coffee, bananas and pretzels, that is what got me through exam time and assignments. I still love red frogs now if I want to get a decent chunk of writing done. But the latest red frogs are tiny. Seriously, they are half the size of what they used to be. And it just pisses me off.

Small things, I know. First world problems, I know. I should be grateful. But instead I find myself wearing my cranky pants.

What has got you wearing your cranky pants recently? Please let it be over something stupid like the size of chocolate bars or red frogs, or I’ll feel incredibly shallow 🙂

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32 thoughts on ““Fun size” is not fun

  1. Hah!! Just got off the phone to mum, who called to say I need to boycott Freddo Frogs because they are much smaller but for the same price!!! So darn rude! Gotta love mum to let me know what’s going on in the world 🙂


  2. I quite like the fun size things because you can have five different LITTLE somethings rather than just one BIG something. But things are definitely shrinking. Have you seen a Wagon Wheel lately? Even Tim Tams have shrunk. It’s a conspiracy!!!


  3. I am so with you on fun size chocolates! 1 is NEVER enough to hit the spot, and the next thing you know, you’ve eaten half the bloody bag. I’m not sure how the chocolate companies work where you are, but gradually in Australia, they decrease the size of the blocks and the bags by a few grams, and still charge the same price! As if we don’t notice! It’s daylight robbery I tell ya!


  4. What makes me cranky is when I decide to spend money on a coffee and it is rubbishy watery milk. Bleugh. I however do love a little bit of chocolate now and then as it is enough for me but I don’t like it when I go to have one and all that is left is empty packets. Yes. Still in the fridge.


    1. Totally agree with crap coffee! Life is too short to have bad coffee, bad wine and bad chocolate! I used to be able to open a packet of chocolate biscuits and put the open pack back in the fridge with the open end facing the back. That way my husband didn’t realise the packet was already opened. I could normally enjoy a few biscuits this way before he noticed, and scoffed the rest of the pack 🙂


      1. Haha, I hide mine behind things! Doesn’t stop the 2 year old though, I have taken to hiding the yoghurts in the vege drawer but he still found them, opened them and helped himself. My latest issue is the Easter Eggs.


  5. I agree fun size is too small but Favourites are even smaller than that, but I love that there are different types of chockies in those boxes it makes for a bit of variety when you can’t stop at one 🍫🍫🍫


  6. Yep, completely agree about the size thing. I am a bit cranky pants about how sly Woolworths is, it just occurred to me the other day that the bread aisle is shared with the confectionary. Normally it wouldn’t bother me – usually I need bread and chocolate at the same time. But when I went in with kids the other day, who obviously make shopping a nightmare, I had to deal with the ‘we want chocolate and lollies’ pleading while grabbing a loaf of bread. Not pleasant and very cunning, Woolworths……


  7. LMAO I literally just went downstairs to get a drink and my hubby was hoeing into a packet of Allens red frogs I brought him home today and he was all “Look at these – they have shrunk”. Mind you it s a good thing in some ways because at least it gives me a little self control.. not that the control really comes from myself lol xx


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