Pyjamas and pancakes

We’re in the middle of school holidays here. Which means that something phenomenal happens in our home. Our six year old wakes up at the crack of dawn.

On a school day, we have to wake him up. Coax him out of bed. Constantly remind him of what he needs to do next to be ready for school. He forgets to brush him teeth. He decided reading a book is much more fun than getting dressed. But during the holidays? He’s awake before my husband’s alarm goes off. We can hear him getting dressed. Making and eating breakfast. And then he’s outside running around before 7am.

The thing is, at 7am here, it’s cold. Autumn has well and truly made itself comfortable and winter is creeping in. The other morning at 7am, it was 3 degrees. We’ve already had our first frost. But our six year old is outside.

So now after a week of being up at sparrow’s, and being on the go, we’re tired. And this mumma bear is coming down with a bug. So today, it is pyjama and pancake day. We stay in pyjamas all day (I shower and put on a daggy tracksuit instead of pyjamas), but the kids stay in flannelette all day. I just hope Hugh Jackman doesn’t suddenly decide to drop by for a visit…

I make us pancakes and we have an indoor picnic. We watch tv or a movie. We build block towers and forts. Generally speaking, we just chill out and lock ourselves away for a day to recharge our batteries.

I know though that by the end of the holidays, our six year old will morph back in to the boy who will have to be almost dragged out of bed in the morning. There will be no more pyjama days. So I’m making the most of it now.

Do you have pyjama days in your home?



23 thoughts on “Pyjamas and pancakes

  1. We had a whole week of pyjama days last week, with two toddlers stuck home with a virus. While the cabin fever did set in after a few days, it was nice not to have to rush off anywhere 🙂


    1. Oh no, sick kids and not being to able go anywhere is not fun. Hope everyone is feeling better now. Cabin fever sucks though, there are only so many indoor games I can play and movies I can watch before I have to get outside again and get some fresh air and exercise. What were some of the things you did to keep the kids entertained for that amount of time?


  2. Lol. You poor thing. It sounds a bit like our house. On daycare days everyone wants to sleep in. On days when we’re home they are up at the crack of dawn. We haven’t done a pj day, but I love the idea 🙂 #teamIBOT


  3. As we now live in Canada (we are Swiss), I wish we had some of these pyj days when it’s -20C. But the Man is hyper active and I would also have a hard time spending a whole day inside, watching our Dwarves (4 and 6) destroy the house. Our adventures under


  4. Can’t do pyjama days in the literal sense. I need to feel dressed and the kids too, even if it is just in trackies.
    My kids have mostly been sleeping in which is nice. It may be hard work on Monday though!


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