I hope you know how thankful I am

roll of honourThis year marks the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. Where so many young lives were lost. When parents lost children, children lost parents, and lives were changed forever.

We are a military family. My husband, his brothers, my brother, my sister-in-law, my grandparents, and many friends have all served. We have tried to teach our kids the importance of what Daddy does. What our family and friends do. What the thousands of other families out there experience.

Anzac Day always makes me cry. I’m a total sook anyway, but on this day, when that last post is played, the tears run down my cheeks. I think of how proud I am of all of the people I know and what they have done. Of all of those who never returned home. Of those who came home but were never quite the same again. Whether it was 100 years ago, 70 years ago, or only more recently – thank you.

The news programs show footage of military personnel currently serving, saying hi and sending messages of love to their families back home. Missing birthdays, anniversaries, school events. I remember seeing my husband on the news one evening, sending me one of those messages of love from far away, while I was heavily pregnant with our first baby. It is hard.

I am frustrated that those who have served are not shown the respect they deserve. They are heroes. Instead, people choose to show more respect to sports stars. Those that earn a squillion dollars to run fast or catch a ball. Good on you for being able to do that, but you’re not a hero to me.

One Anzac Day, we took our then four year old to see the parade and to pay our respects. He saw the men and women marching with their medals. He got it. What he did made me so proud, and tear up all at the same time. He saluted those marching and turned to us and said, “they are all heroes”.

So on a day like today, please take a moment to say thanks to those who are the true heroes, those that gave up everything for us. For those who are no longer with this. For those who laid it all on the line. For those who did come home, but were scarred deeper than we can see.

All I can say is thank you, and hope you know just how thankful I am. Lest we forget.

12 thoughts on “I hope you know how thankful I am

  1. Having lived most of my life in the UK, I’m full of pride and awe how Australia celebrates ANZAC day and recognises it’s heroes past and present. I for one am thankful, for all those who have fought for the freedom we enjoy today, and those who continue to do so. You’re exactly right, they are all heroes.


  2. This is beautiful, such a powerful message. I had 2 grandparents serve for NZ in WWII but no other family since – I just can’t imagine what it must be like to be a military wife, or parents of people currently serving. They are true heros x


  3. Beautiful words. I tear up too thinking of the sacrifices not only our military personnel made but also of the families at home. I can’t imagine how tough that must have been while your husband was away serving. I’m so happy Miss T’s pre-primary class learnt about Anzac Day this week. It’s hard to teach a 5 year old about war but they made poppies, cooked Anzac biscuits and read the beautiful book Anzac Ted. I want my tornadoes to grow up being thankful and respecting the people who have fought (and fight) for our freedom. You are right – they are certainly heroes.


  4. this is beautiful Emma. I am not from a military family so to see your side is what ANZAC day is all about. I am so proud to Australian and proud of all the effort so many Australians went to all over the world to respect our diggers.


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