Sleep deprivation and passwords – a bad combination


Bank passwords. I hate them.

My internet banking requires two separate passwords to complete a transaction. One for a log in, another to make a transfer or payment. And the second password is changed each month. Oh yeah, and it can’t be one of the previous ten you have used. Continue reading


To All the Waiting Mamas

Another beautiful post from My Pink Champagne Life.

My Pink Champagne Life

I hesitated to write anything around Mother’s Day, but after reading some lovely ladies’ blogs at My Perfect Breakdownand Waiting for Baby Bird(y’all should go check out their very poignant posts), Ireally felt it pressed in my heart to add to the discussion.

There are many roads to motherhood. I’m convinced there’s no one right way. I’m also certain that the path to and through motherhood is often full of pain and waiting.

And it’s the Mamas who are in the midst of the pain and waiting that I wanted to talk to.

You are important.

I know a lot of Mamas who are currently waiting. Waiting to hear from the adoption agency. Waiting to see if their fourth round of IVF has worked. Waiting to see if the vasectomy reversal is an option. Waiting to hear when their son in another country will get to come home.

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