Is it just an XY chromosome thing?


I’ve previously written about being a mum of boys and how I just don’t understand why they do certain things. Here’s my latest one that I just don’t get. Star Wars.

Maybe it’s a chromosome thing, only applicable to the XY combination in males.

But what is with the obsession with Star Wars?

I can kind of understand it being of interest to those who were born in the generation when it was first released at the movies. But it seems every male I meet, regardless of their age, can quote lines from the movies, name the characters, and do an impressive impersonation of a Wookie. There seems to be so many kids who are obsessed with the intergalactic adventures, and half of them haven’t even seen the movies! So where does this interest come from? Is it genetic? The whole nature vs nurture? I just don’t get it.

I ended up buying my husband the boxed DVD set of all of the Star Wars movies one year. I figured that as we had boys, it was going to be inevitable that they would all become fans, as that is apparently what happens. I might as well steer into the skid instead of fighting it. I’ll admit I’ve seen all the movies. I’ll even admit that I’ve fallen asleep during them (once on a date – the guy involved was not impressed), but they are not my first choice when selecting a movie.

Is it the fact that the characters get to go on all sorts of adventures with their friends? Is it the space travel stuff? Is it the light sabres?

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When our eldest son was in preschool, the interest in Star Wars started. Without any prompting or influence from us, all of a sudden, sticks became light sabres. Accompanied by the correct sound effects too, might I add.

He would hum the tune of the Imperial March over and over and over again, until I would swear that my ears were bleeding. He hummed that tune every day, for 18 months. I am not kidding. I would fall asleep to that tune being stuck on replay in my head. At this point, he had still not seen any of the movies. Where was this coming from?!

If you’re not sure what the Imperial March sounds like, I dare you to google it, listen to it, and then try and have it removed from your brain.

When we eventually let him watch the original Star Wars movie (Episode IV), he was beyond excited. He sat, without the slightest fidget, for the entire movie. A look of complete awe on his face the entire time. The final stage had been completed. He was now obsessed.

He has requested that his birthday cake this year be, wait for it, the Millenium Falcon. What is this, you ask? It’s the space craft thingy (yes, that is the technical term) Hans Solo has. And I am to somehow create a birthday cake that kind of resembles it.

millenium falcon
This is what I’m supposed to turn in to a cake…

I am no cake making expert, believe me, I have had many a disastrous birthday cake experience, so I am somewhat nervous about this request. Perhaps I just make a birthday cake in the Star Wars theme, like a light sabre. But then with my bad luck with birthday cakes, it will probably end up looking more like a wonky penis. Not an appropriate cake for a kids birthday party…

So back to the whole nature vs nurture argument. Star Wars seems to be overlapping these two categories. Call me  controversial, but I fully believe that most boys are born with an in-built interest in Star Wars, along with vehicles and transport, believing farts are hilarious and how it is somehow necessary to wrestle indoors. Perhaps though that initial interest in Star Wars can be turned to borderline obsession when growing up in a house of males, as opposed to females?

What do you think? Is it just an XY chromosome thing?

Are your daughters obsessed with Star Wars? Are you a fan?

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30 thoughts on “Is it just an XY chromosome thing?

  1. My husband definitely isn’t into Star Wars – yay for me!!! So hopefully our son isn’t either. I don’t mind the movies myself, but I am not going quote lines and stuff from the movies…..wait until your son does this…..that will drive you bonkers! Maybe just do a square cake, and get those edible pictures on the cake of that space craft thingy. That might be the easiest option 🙂


  2. Our three older kids (11,12 and 13) all love Star Wars- and two of them are girls. I adored it growing up and still love it now. I had a big, plastic toy at-at and wanted to marry Han Solo!


  3. I think I’m a boy haha. I actually liked Star Wars more when I was younger. I’m not a huge sci fi fan but if I do like a sci fi show then it’s to the level of obsession. For me, Star Wars was replaced by better shows!


  4. My 19yo daughter is a movie fan – the girl speaks in movie quotes. It’s her love language I think. I don’t think anyone in our house as managed the heights of Star Wars obsession that you describe. But then we only just watched all the movies in the last twelve months (my youngest is 15). Maybe it was all a little late for us?


  5. My little mate went through a huge star wars phase too, and he still hasn’t seen them. Though I kind of want to show them to him now. They are great movies with good themes.
    My husband doesn’t mind them, but the fact that we haven’t shown the kids tells you how much they mean to him. 🙂


  6. With the new animated moivie and the tv shows its easy for kids to pick up on the star wars bug. I am a 21 year old woman and I am the biggest fan I know. Star Wars is part of popular culture even if it not concideresd to be ‘pop’ culture. I loved reading the article but saying that its genetics that cause boys like Star War may be missing the universal story of Star Wars that makes it relatable for everyone (I’m evidently a die-hard fan here). It’s a great movie franchise to be getting children into and I love that yours know how to make the lightsaber sounds without every seeing the movie!! That’s crazy! Good luck with the cake design


  7. My hubby is a huge SW fan! He is trying to push it on tomy eldest daughter (who’s still a bit young).. we’ll start with Lego Star Wars. hehe


  8. Maybe it’s a generational thing. I loved Star Wars (the originals) as a kid and had little figurines and everything… but then I guess my tastes changed and I’ve not been very interested in the last couple of decades. Having said that I liked Star Trek as a kid, but not as an adult. But there are some Sci Fi stuff I enjoy (Firefly, the TV show etc).


  9. My hubby HATES Star Wars, with a passion. I, on the other hand, love it (and am currently wearing my Darth Vader tee). But, we’ve always been a bit mixed up – he loved Romantic movies and I loved horror and as a teen you couldn’t get me away from Grand Theft Auto!


  10. I actually love star wars (such a geek) as do my boys. We actually have a star wars day most school holidays and my sister dresses up as princess Leia and we make star wars craft. We have well and truly embraced!


  11. Star Wars was the first movie I ever went to so I do have soft spot for it, my husband however loves Star Wars and bought himself a box set. We’ve got girls and both know about Princess Leia (the hair!), we are more into fairies here though!


  12. I’m a sci-fi fan in general and more than a few of my female friends and their daughters are too… I think maybe there is a sci-fi gene and that it isn’t gender specific… hereditary, skips a generation… possible 😉 Thanks for linking up at Champagne Missives 🙂


  13. I’m not a fan (although I do think ewoks are cute) but I married one. One of my best female friends is mad for Star Wars and can hold bore your pants off as quick as any boy on any inter-galactic subject. As I remember it, her whole hen night had a Star Wars theme. Whatever it is, I just don’t get it (but it does make it easy to buy really cool gimmicky presents!) Good luck with that cake! x


  14. hello !I just popped from the blog party and I find your posts very funny actually. I have no kids yet but I can imagine what it is like to be the only girl in the house. Keep it up

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  15. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Just popping over from the blog party. This post is amusing because at 32 – I still have not seen any of the Star Wars films! My husband got the box set for Christmas though so no doubt this will change soon…


  16. Hi!
    I think it is a boy thing. My daughters and I don’t like Star Wars, but my husband is obsessed with it. Nice to meet you. I met you at the Meet and Greet. I don’t “get” stuff either, so I find your theme relevant. Perhaps check out my blog if you are interested in blogging tips. Here is the link:


  17. Ohhh, it is not just an XY chromosome thing! I haven’t made one myself (but I’m sure I’ll get around to something similar eventually), but look up How To Cook That on YouTube. She has a great cake tutorial for this.

    (blog parties forever!)


  18. Since I’m older than Star Wars (is that like being older than dirt?) I guess I can’t say I was born with the Star Wars gene, but I did enjoy the first three movies.


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