Why toddlers are like a weather system


“Today there is a high chance that the slow moving system building off the coast will cross land, leaving a trail of destruction in it’s wake. Along with damage to property, showers are also possible.”

This weather forecast may be from the morning news, it may also describe a day in our house with our toddler.  Continue reading


10 Phases of Toddlerdom – guest post from Maybe Baby Brothers


Yippee! Time for another guest post! Today’s guest post is from the wonderful Haidee from Maybe Baby Brothers, and when I first read it, I was giggling away in no time. Her boys and mine are so similar! Haidee’s blog is full of funny parenting stories too, along with some very honest and raw posts, and she can bake an awesome looking kids birthday cake. It’s well worth popping over and having a read. But for now, get yourself a cup of coffee and have a giggle at the 10 Phases of Toddlerdom.  Continue reading

Taking stock and being grateful

Taking stock and being grateful

I came across this idea recently on Karin’s blog at Calm To Conniption. It was obviously the time I needed to see it, and actually think about taking stock myself as it literally leapt off the page at me when I opened my email.

We’re now half way through the year. A year that has flown by at an almost supersonic pace. My birthday has been and gone. I felt like I needed to stop, take a breath and actually go through this list. Continue reading