Taking stock and being grateful

Taking stock and being grateful

I came across this idea recently on Karin’s blog at Calm To Conniption. It was obviously the time I needed to see it, and actually think about taking stock myself as it literally leapt off the page at me when I opened my email.

We’re now half way through the year. A year that has flown by at an almost supersonic pace. My birthday has been and gone. I felt like I needed to stop, take a breath and actually go through this list.

My husband has been away for work, I was away for a couple of days with some fabulous friends, we’ve all been sick (including a bout of croup for the little dude), family has visited, it’s the end of school term, and routines have been disrupted.

I’m not sure about you, by some days I feel I just go through the motions and before I know it, it’s time to go to sleep. The washing has been done, house tidied for the 20th time after the toddler tornado has swept through AGAIN and left his trail of destruction. Meals have been cooked (or thrown on the floor by the toddler), homework done, stories read. The things that need to happen, have happened. But I haven’t had to really think about any of them. It’s all on auto pilot.

So now I’m taking stock, so I can see that I have done more than just get through each day. That I have possibly actually achieved something.

This is what I’ve been up to.

Making: my pumpkin and lentil soup like it’s going out of fashion!
Cooking: puddings for dessert. Cold weather makes me want to eat more 🙂
Drinking: red wine.
Reading: animal encyclopaedias to the boys, Enlightened by SJ Jensar (one of my faves) for me.

A great read!
A great read!

Wanting: someone to paint the ceilings in this house.
Looking: at the pile of clean washing that has been sitting on the trunk in our room for a while. It doesn’t seem to want to put itself away!
Playing: soccer with our six year old.
Deciding: if I can actually be bothered to go for a run when it’s so cold outside.
Loving: our coffee machine. Every single day.
Watching: playing catch up of episodes of How To Get Away With Murder on TiVo.
Hoping: to get through dinner without saying, “please eat your dinner” 20 times.
Marvelling: at how fresh and crisp the days are and seeing snow!
Questioning: why our digital answering machine decides to turn itself on at 2am and start announcing that it is on.
Smelling: brownies baking in the oven.
Wearing: my duck down jacket every day. It’s like wearing a doona!
Following: some lovely bloggers that make me laugh, including – Have a Laugh on Me and The Thud.
Noticing: that our toddler is developing a serious attitude and will do things his way, when he’s ready!
Admiring: that our boys are playing well together for longer before a squabble breaks out.
Sorting: through all the stuff I need to clear out, reorganise or donate to the Salvation Army.
Getting: excited the back deck will be ready soon for BBQs and evening drinks.
Giggling: at our how six year old accidentally called a ‘tsunami wave’ a ‘salami wave’, and then laughed so hard he nearly fell off his chair.
Snacking: on vegemite toast. Love the stuff!
Hearing: our neighbour’s rooster randomly crowing throughout the day.

What are you grateful for these days? Have you taken stock recently?

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11 thoughts on “Taking stock and being grateful

  1. I’m grateful for holidays, birthdays, Christmas in July and every day that I wake up and get to do it all over again. I’m with you on the red wine, it feels like winter in a glass!


  2. Always good to take stock and remind yourself of all the good stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up in a negative loop. I’m grateful that school will soon be over and we’ve got a holiday booked. #mummymondays


  3. Great posting I might try this advice just to keep a reminder of the gratitude we must feel in our lives

    Please try to check my blog debyoncelife.wordpress.com


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