5 simple ways to brighten someone’s day

5 simple ways to brighten someone's day

I love random acts of kindness. The little things that people do for someone else to brighten their day and make things easier.

There was a recent story in the media of a woman in Canberra who received a parking ticket on her car while at a hospital with her sick child. A stranger saw the ticket on the car, paid for the fine, and then left the car owner a note. Continue reading

Rounding up the best guest blog posts!

I’ve been fortunate to have some fabulous guest posts appear on my blog recently. And when I say fabulous, I mean these women are super amazing fabulous bloggers!

The parent bloggers I’ve teamed up with have a knack for being able to make you laugh, nod along in agreement and understanding as they share their adventures, and make you feel like you’re sitting down with an old friend.  Continue reading