Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award – Cheers!


Thank you to A Momma’s View for the nomination of the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award – I’m so grateful for the recognition! Blogging can be so fulfilling, I call it therapeutic typing, but it is a bonus when other bloggers out there enjoy reading what you write, and want others to know about and read your blog too. 


As part of the Award, A Momma’s View has given me some questions to answer so you can learn a bit more about me.


  1. Why?

Why do I write? I write for me. I find it therapeutic. It’s a bonus if others read it and enjoy it. So thank you to those that do!

  1. What?

What are my guilty indulgences? Red frogs, chocolate, red wine and trashy tv.

  1. When?

When am I ever going to feel like everything is in balance? Who knows. If you have figured out how to make everything balance, let me know.

  1. How?

How do I stay sane? Exercise. I love boot camp.

  1. Where?

Where would I go for a holiday if money were no object? Italy. I’d eat my way around the country.

  1. If?

If I could speak another language fluently, what would it be? Italian. So I could order the best food from the tiny hole in the wall restaurants off the touristy tracks.

  1. Who?

Who makes me laugh? My boys. Every single day.

  1. Would you?

Would I go to the moon if I had the chance? No.

  1. Why not?

The thought of being that far away from Earth freaks me out.

  1. With whom?

With whom would I want to be stranded on a deserted island with? My husband. He’d say, “I’ve got this” and be able to construct a fantastic shelter and sort out all the survival stuff. Without him, I’d be lost!


Here are the blogs that I nominate for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award. Please check them out when you have a chance, I enjoy reading them, and I’m sure you will too!


My Pink Champagne Life

Yes Peas Mumma

Eenie Meenie Miney Mum

All In a Dad’s Work

It Ain’t All Flowers

Life on Wallace

Not Another Slippery Dip

Mummy, Wife, Me

Maybe Baby Brothers

To those I nominated, feel free to answer the same questions! Interpret them as you like eg. “what” could be what is your favourite season / food, what makes you happy, what is your favourite book, what is something you want to do before you’re 60 etc…

Make sure you’re following Life, kids and a glass of red on Facebook for extra giggles and snippets of silliness!


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