My new secret weapon for living in a house of males

Stinky shoes and socks

*This post is in collaboration with Airwick.

I live with three males. My two boys, and my husband. My husband runs most days so there is always sweaty, smelly running gear to wash. We have two large dogs that have a habit of farting, and there is always a whiff of sweaty socks coming from somewhere.

I’m sure you’re picturing some kind of Hoarders type situation going on here. I can assure you, my house is clean. Think Monica clean, from Friends. But the other day, despite regular cleaning, windows opened and not a scrap of washing to be done, I could detect an odour. Despite a full search of the house for the offending mystery item, I could not locate the source.

Perhaps the smell of my boys has actually permeated the walls, floors and furnishings of our home…

Drastic action needed to be taken.

As much as I love scented candles, I can’t leave them burning all day to neutralise and mask mystery odours. Plus with our toddler tornado, there are minimal places we can safely place burning candles when he’s awake. I was after something that could make our home smell fresh, clean and welcoming, without being overwhelming.

I tried Airwick’s Life Scents scented oil diffuser – Winter Moments. Sweet mother of God. These things are the bees knees!

My entire home smells like someone has been baking. A delicious combination of baked pears, pie crust and vanilla. I walked in the door the other day and forgot about the air freshener and honestly thought for a split second that I had left a pear and apple crumble baking in the oven!

Eau de boys – gone.

I have hidden the scented oil diffuser in the European laundry (fancy-pants term for our laundry in a cupboard). No one can see my secret weapon in there, plus it is combating the smell of the sweaty gym gear that my husband threw in there last night, his socks releasing a whiff quicker than a cracked egg cooks on a hot driveway. The oil diffuser is working hard, but winning the battle.

Now if only they could come up with some other secret weapon I could use to vanish away the mess my boys leave…


*Products were provided for me to review, but all opinions are my own.

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14 thoughts on “My new secret weapon for living in a house of males

  1. I like the sound of an air diffuser that smells like baking. Do they come in roast smells? Or anzac biscuit odours? Ha! Anything that gets rid of the smell of male, is a truly wonderful invention.


  2. Hmm I definitely need to get myself some Airwick. My mother in law and her dog are living with us at the moment and I seem to smell dog everywhere. Off to the supermarket I go tomorrow 🙂


  3. You had me at pie crust!

    Seriously though, my boys rooms stink. Even the baby. I am so not looking forward to the teenage years where they try to mask the smell of decaying bed linen with a whole can of deodorant. THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS PEOPLE!!!


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