A guilty mum’s manifesto for fussy eaters

i will only eat biscuits

Fussy Little Bastards – what a freaking awesome name for a blog! I’ve recently found Beck’s blog, Fussy Little Bastards, and it has fast become one of my favourite reads. I can totally relate to Beck’s humour, she has fantastic recipes that kids WILL eat, and I have realised I am not alone in the struggle to get kids to eat food! I loved her post, A guilty mum’s manifesto for fussy eaters, so much, Beck has happily come on board as a guest post blogger just for you! Continue reading


The joys of hot coffee and bathroom breaks alone

The joys of hot coffee and bathroom breaks

I’ve recently gone back to work, and whilst it has taken some getting used to again, I have realised that there are some seriously awesome benefits of working!

I can go to the bathroom by myself. This is awesome. Normally at home, I’m accompanied by my toddler, whether I like it or not. It’s either let him follow me in, or have him scream the house down when the door is closed, separating us. If he does follow me, it is then a battle to stop him from trying to spin the roll of toilet paper and pull off every sheet – this happens in about 10 seconds. He is like The Flash crossed with a miniature tornado. Zooms in, pulls everything apart, then disappears. Continue reading

How to assemble a port-a-cot: Guest Post from Toilets aren’t for Turtles

portacotI love coming across blogs that make me laugh, and Toilets aren’t for Turtles is certainly one of them! Mumma McD is a fabulous blogger whose posts have me made laugh for a while and she has been so gracious in happily starring as a guest blogger here on Life, kids and a glass of red – providing one of her hilarious posts for you to enjoy! Continue reading