Woman survives dinner time without losing her mind


In breaking news, a woman has claimed to have survived that awful time of day known as dinner time.

Mother of two boys, Emma, recently experienced what many parents call a ‘miraculous’ event – getting through dinner time without losing her mind.

It came as such a shock to her, she wasn’t quite sure how to react to the situation.

“This has just never happened in our home before”, the confused mother said. “I’m still trying to get my head around what just happened”.

The afternoon started just like any other typical day. On the walk home from school, her seven year old asked what was for dinner. When he was told ‘lasagne’, he of course made complaints about how much he hates lasagne, how they always have it all the time (in reality it is maybe once a month, but let’s not let facts get in the way), and the kicker – why can’t he just have something else.

Emma says she stuck to her guns about the plan though, and told her seven year old that lasagne is what she cooked, and it would be what everyone would be served. If he didn’t want to eat it, that was ok. He’d just go to bed hungry.

This plan of attack has been enacted before, usually with horrendous results. Fake gagging on the microscopic vegetables that have been blended into the sauce, whinging in an extremely annoying tone of voice, and flat out sulking. This is usually accompanied by Emma and her husband rolling their eyes at the situation, and speeding up the bath and bedtime routine, counting down until the kids are in bed and they can sit on the couch in peace with a glass of red in hand.

But for once, the kids actually seemed to understand what was expected of them. Mum meant business. She wasn’t going to put up with any nonsense. There were lots of encouraging phrases used, and even a dorky dance to the Bee Gees from Emma when the plate was finished. Even the toddler joined in the celebration – clapping and signing his version of the baby sign “finished”.

“The evening was just so pleasant. There were no raised voices, no whinging, and my husband and I were actually able to talk to each other at the table. No one lost their shit – it was wonderful!”

Emma is hoping that this miraculous event can be replicated again in the near future. Fingers crossed.

Have you experienced a miraculous event recently, like getting through dinner without losing your mind?

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41 thoughts on “Woman survives dinner time without losing her mind

  1. Bravo!! God knows dinner time is one of those hellish times of the day. As soon as I place dinner on the table my two year old will fall to the ground and do a hollywood. They’re so dramatic sometimes aren’t they?! We had lasagne tonight 🙂 #teamIBOT


  2. congrats on getting through dinnertime! Most of the food I cook for my almost one year old ends up on the floor 😦 a few months ago she loved steamed vegetables, now she wont have a bar of them and once they have been served she is also suspicious that any food served after is steamed vegies in disguise… oh the pain…


    1. We’re the same here Lu! Our toddler loved steamed carrots – now he just picks them up, looks suspiciously at them and then practices his throwing skills by chucking them across the room. I wish he’d just leave them on his plate if he didn’t want them!


  3. We have had this happen a handful of time in the nearly 13 years of parenting. Celebrate each win. Word of warning though – do not think for one moment that lasagne had anything to do with this winning formula – they could have been just having a tired day and decided to let this meal time go through to the keeper. Yours in parenting wins. Mel xx #ultimaterabbithole


  4. Yay! I couldn’t go past your blog on the rabbit hole list today (via Sammie). It is a great piece and I love your writing style. I will pop over and find your facebook page now too. My pet love is helping parents experience happy mealtimes – these true revelations are beautiful to read about. 🙂 Simone from Play with Food


  5. Just found you on Free & Fun Friday and so glad that I did! This was hilarious…I sometimes wonder how I survive, much less how I haven’t lost 10 pounds because I have to get up so much to get water, more food etc, that I hardly have time to eat my own dinner! I also love your blog name and logo!!!


  6. My 10 year-old had a terrible habit of complaining about dinner, NO MATTER WHAT WAS COOKED! Even dishes he loves would have something wrong with them. We had a nice chat, and I told him from now on if he complains, he has to immediately follow with a compliment. It has actually worked wonders. I don’t think he even realized how much he was complaining until we implemented the new rule. Now most nights, he gives the compliment without the complaint. WIN!


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