The joys of hot coffee and bathroom breaks alone

The joys of hot coffee and bathroom breaks

I’ve recently gone back to work, and whilst it has taken some getting used to again, I have realised that there are some seriously awesome benefits of working!

I can go to the bathroom by myself. This is awesome. Normally at home, I’m accompanied by my toddler, whether I like it or not. It’s either let him follow me in, or have him scream the house down when the door is closed, separating us. If he does follow me, it is then a battle to stop him from trying to spin the roll of toilet paper and pull off every sheet – this happens in about 10 seconds. He is like The Flash crossed with a miniature tornado. Zooms in, pulls everything apart, then disappears.

Not having to ask someone where their pants or socks are, 20 times a day. Our toddler goes through phases where pants and socks are optional. It’s a nice change to not have to ask someone “where have your pants gone?”, although if I have to start asking that at work, I think there are bigger problems to worry about…

The luxury, yes, luxury, of being able to focus on one task at a time if I like. I can sit at my computer and write what needs to be written, do the required research, and everyone is happy. I’m not multitasking with a small human hanging off my leg, yelling, whilst I’m trying to answer the phone and make lunch before the hungry cranky child possibly bites the kitchen drawer handle.

No one is likely to throw a wooden block at me. Well, it is still early days, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed in the workplace.

Once I’m finished for the day, I’m off the clock. No one needs me until I’m back in the office. I’m not on call.

I’m not going to have to scrape porridge that has set hard like concrete, off the furniture.

I get to talk to adults.

I get paid.

Not too shabby really!

What are some of the benefits you have discovered of working vs being at home?

Do you have blocks thrown at you in frustration?

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54 thoughts on “The joys of hot coffee and bathroom breaks alone

  1. I left the work 4,5 monghs ago to stay with my newborn and I miss my free time and ability to work on something for a long time :). so I agree with your post 🙂 good luck, have a “rest” at your work place)))’


  2. So funny!!! My three year old often goes into her room to play completely clothed and comes out in her birthday suit. When I ask what happened to her clothes, she giggles and says “I’m not gonna tell you!”. I’m glad mine isn’t the only one that feels clothing is optional…LOL


  3. I loved my two days at work! I got a whole hour at lunch to sit and chat. Conversations could actually run their natural course. I felt like a real grown up with a brain! I got to wee on my own. I had personal space. I could listen to anything in the car and play it loud! Ahhhhh so many good things 🙂


    1. I’m always impressed how much more I can get done at work now I have kids. I thought I was productive and efficient before, but now I realise how much more productive I can be in a quiet office when you’re used to small people yelling at you and slowly destroying the house around you!

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  4. Haha…this is what I don’t think my husband truly understands when he gets to go and work in an office! For me, I still work from home but my son is at daycare and so it’s still great. But yes, on my days off I experience very similar to what you do and when I can have my coffee and type on my computer without being asked a million and one questions and someone sitting on my lap, it’s awesome!


  5. A friend who had a one year old and three year old some years ago told me she craved adult conversation when we would catch up. She loved going back to work part-time too for all the reasons you listed. I don’t have kids so I take my bathroom time for granted. I do however have cats who scratch the door and want to be in there with me.


  6. I think these would be 2 really great reason why I would love to have a bit of office time as well..Luckily my struggle with bathroom time is a bit easier these days but the coffee always seems to have a chill to it by the time I get to enjoy it so that is still a work in progress…thanks so much for sharing such a fun post with us over at Turn It Up Tuesday!


  7. Ha ha so true! Except I work with kids, so there’s a good chance of having a wooden block thrown at me in any setting. Although I have lollies in my office at work that I bribe the kids with, so that does tend to slow down any hurling of objects. 😛


  8. I loved being back at work after maternity leave (until I didn’t anymore but for other reasons) now they are at school all day I do get to pee in peace during school hours but the door is still flung open when they are home! sounds like you’ve got it sorted


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