DIY chalkboard

DIY chalkboard

I’ve always wanted to have a chalkboard feature wall in the house. You see photos of them in home magazines and they look amazing, often with artistically written reminders on them, like – “buy cereal, eggs, tissues”.

The reality is, I hate mess. The thought of actually having chalkboard dust all over the floor, smeared all over other walls and the high probability of my boys drawing on non-chalkboard paint walls, it just ain’t happening. We have enough problems with the toddler drawing on the walls already… So we went for the next best thing. DIY chalkboards outside!  Continue reading


Help a mum in need and donate nappies

Help a mum in need

Initially formed by a group of mums in 2013 who had some leftover, unused nappies, The Nappy Collective has grown across Australia and to date, has collected over 473,000 nappies and  redistributed them to families in need.

How amazing is that!?

I am always blown away by the drive of people to make a difference, and how something so simple like spare clean nappies can truly help someone. Continue reading