My favourite kitchen helper – and a giveaway for you!


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I hate mess. Not a great thing when you’re a parent, and your kids make a lot of mess. When the house is tidy and clean, I feel calmer. I can focus better.

I also hate dinner time. I’ve written before about how this time of day basically does my head in. You’ve done the meal plan for the week so you’re not suddenly panicking in the afternoon and wondering what on earth you’re going to cook and then realise you haven’t defrosted the damn chicken, so everyone is going to be eating pasta with cheese. You’ve done the grocery shopping so you actually have all the ingredients for the meals you have every intention of preparing and cooking. You’ve then chopped and cooked the delicious* meal (*child thinks it tastes worse than worms), with the cranky toddler hanging off your leg, and presented the meal to your loving family.

You have visions of plates wiped clean by little fingers because the food just tastes so damn good. You have hopes that they’ll ask for seconds of the vegetables.

Actually, scrap all that. You know the little darlings won’t lick their plates clean and want seconds. They’ll pick at some of the food, then declare the rest to be not nice. Ah, ground hog day.

So now as well as the dishes and pots you used to prepare and cook the meal, you now have plates that still have leftover food on them, and somehow, despite the food not being eaten, it all got mushed on the plates…

Clean up time. In our house, my husband baths the kids and gets them ready for bed, while I clean up the kitchen. I’ve found I can get this done quickly and sneak a quiet five minutes of peace on the couch with a glass of wine while he’s kid wrangling 🙂 How do I get this done so quickly? My favourite kitchen helper – my dishwasher. I love my dishwasher. Take away every other appliance in the kitchen if you have to, but leave my dishwasher! Everything gets a quick scrape and popped straight in, no rinsing. Load it up, chuck in the Finish Quantum Max dishwasher tablet, turn the dishwasher on, give the bench a spray and wipe down and voilà! Kitchen sorted. I’m not going to spend ages scrubbing plates, pots and pans at the sink, or having to wash everything again when it comes out of the dishwasher because the tablet hasn’t worked. There is nothing worse than stacking the dishwasher, giving yourself a high-five and thinking the job is being done for you, and then the dishes are still dirty and have food stuck on them when you unstack them later!

I’ve got some Finish Quantum Max dishwasher tablets to giveaway to one of my followers. You can pop your feet up for a bit, or as long as you can before your kids start yelling, and not have to worry about the dishes. If you’d love to have super sparkly clean dishes and relax instead of scrubbing away in the kitchen, let me know by commenting:

Apart from a dishwasher, what is your favourite kitchen helper that makes your life easier?

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46 thoughts on “My favourite kitchen helper – and a giveaway for you!

  1. My favourite kitchen helper is not a blender or a thermomix, it’s not a dishwasher or a fancy breadmaker although my favourite kitchen helper does tend to heat up the kitchen and has a nice set of buns….it’s my husband. He’s awesome in the kitchen and cleans up after I cook or cooks and then I clean and I don’t have to say a thing. I’m one lucky gal!


  2. I have lived without a dishwasher and it is the worst! Especially with little kids! Other than the dishwasher, I couldn’t live without my oven because I love to bake a lot – which creates a lot of mess which is why I need the dishwasher and it just goes round and round and round. #TeamIBOT


  3. I had no dishwasher for most of my adult life (since moving out of home) and when we renovated recently getting one was the thing I was most looking forward to. It has been everything I fantasised about and more. I swear to God some days it has saved my marriage 😉 I absolutely LOVE packing it and unpacking it too, especially when the baby is asleep and I don’t have to pack and unpack him as well (because for some reason he is really, really obsessed with climbing inside it! (Also a big fan of these tablets, haven’t ever used anything else to be honest so would love to win!)


  4. Ahhhh yes the dishwasher, cooking ahead, so I think the food fairy has been, all cooking ahead gets stored in Betty The Chest Freezer, thanks Betty. Bertha my food processor and my Kenwood stick mixer,the best mashed potato. But like Leanne those dogs help magic those crumbs away, I love my living hoovers. Zoe xx


  5. With three kids aged 11 and under
    Cooking’s often a headache, is it any wonder!
    They all have their different likes and tastes
    But more often than not, it all goes to waste
    But my oven and cooktop help to create
    Some decent meals that get cleaned off the plate
    They’re invaluable in the kitchen, my saving grace
    Making meals appealing and ace!


  6. By the time I get home from work after 5am starts and walk the dog, put dome washing on and supervise homework and cook dinner, my favourite kitchen helper is the dog who leaves the kitchen floor shiny clean (if not hygienically so)!


  7. By the time I get home from work after a 5am start, walk the dog, supervise HSC homework and cook dinner, my favourite and most efficient kitchen helper is the dog! She leaves the floor shiny clean of any spills (if not hygienically so)!


  8. Mine’s definitely my microwave! I use it to make porridge in the morning, to heat up ham and cheese for quick toasties in the arvo, and use it to heat up frozen vegies and other stuff for dinner. Plus I’m always reheating my tea/coffee/hot chocolate which I can never drink quick enough! And my daughter won’t drink cold milk so I have to warm hers up a couple of times a day. I honestly don’t know how my parents managed in the time before microwaves… it trumps a dishwasher for sure in my opinion!!


  9. My favourite kitchen helper is a little plaque my mum had in her kitchen. It says…..Bless this kitchen with love and Laughter. Underneath she attached a piece of paper… if you dont Ill rip your arms off!! omg it makes me laugh everytime 🙂


  10. Hubby is my favourite kitchen helper. He can’t cook but wants to pitch in, and he peels vegetables to perfection and quicker than I do, and boy does he have a fine hand when it comes to cutting up veggies. I chop rapidly and nothing is in uniform, but he can transform a capsicum (for example) into perfectly proportioned, tiny squares in no time at all. And being a man, he likes to see things shiny. He’ll polish the sink, making it look brand spanking new, along with the oven, pots, pans, utensils, tapware, silverware, you name it, if it’s metal and can shine in the kitchen, he’s on it. He thinks nothing of it, but my ‘apprentice’ in the kitchen as he refers to himself, really makes my life easier, freeing me up to cook, while whizzing about and doing all the other thing’s he’s clueless too like, ironing, cleaning the bathroom….. scrubbing the toilet… if only that were made of chrome!!!


  11. My 6 year old son. He loves to cook with me – is keen to learn, honest with feedback on what I cook; sometimes too honest and likes to load the dishwasher. Love that boy!


  12. The slow cooker! I can just chuck in the ingredients needed for a stew, curry, roast, taco mince or even a dessert in the morning, and just leave it to slowly cook away without worrying about it all day.


  13. I’ve never owned a dishwasher, but do dream about it, these tablets are going to be a gift for Mum, as she has the dishwasher! I’ve always loved my microwave, heating up meals is no big deal!


  14. I hate to blow my own trumpet but (gets out trumpet) I did buy my Mum a dishwasher this year and I’m pretty decent at remembering to stack it…reasonably well.


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