Be a fit and healthy parent – and win a free personal training session!

Be a fit and healthy parentIt has been a night of interrupted sleep, but I drag myself out of bed and make myself get ready. Breakfast, getting our seven year old ready for school, organising the toddler, and then the walk for school drop off. I feel exhausted, foggy-headed, as I’m sure a lot of parents do many days, but I’m looking forward to my exercise session.

Yes, you read that right. I’m looking forward to working out!  Continue reading

Walk softly and wear big boots

This post is in collaboration with Mortein.

I don’t like spiders. Growing up in Australia, where a lot of the creepy crawlies you will come across have the ability to bite and potentially kill you, you develop a healthy respect for spiders. Checking for red back spiders on the swing set and your bike is something you get used to.

What I hate though, is when I find them inside the house. Continue reading