A genie gives you $50k to spend in a day…

A genie gives you $50k to spend in a day…

Imagine the scenario. A genie has given you $50,000 to spend. Or you have a lottery ticket that has won you $50,000. The money is yours. The only condition is that you have to spend it all. And spend it in one day.


What would you do?

I imagine after that initial rush of excitement and a fair bit of jumping around and shrieking with excitement, many ideas start to fly around in your head.

Do you be sensible or be completely frivolous?

Do you put it all on the mortgage? Pay off your debts?

Do you splurge it all on things you would never normally be able to afford and buy?

I recently asked this questions of my followers – “how would you spend $50,000 in one day” and had some cracker responses.

Some of the most popular ones were:

  • Buy a new car
  • Take the family on an amazing holiday
  • Pay for the kids’ school fees
  • Hire a nanny to help with the kids
  • Have our dream wedding and amazing honeymoon

Now, when my husband asked me this question, I think he thought I’d reply with “a holiday”, “a new car”, or be super sensible and say “chuck it all on the mortgage”. But you know what I’d spend it on? If I could choose anything I wanted, I’d spend it on something that would make my life easier, stress-free and be selfish.

I’d hire a cook. Not just a cook though. Someone who could prepare and cook all our family dinners, feed the kids, and then clean up afterwards. All while my husband and I sat in our cones of silence (yep, I’d get these too, surely IKEA or some place like that sells them, right?!), we’d be able to see the kids but not hear the whinging of how they hate olives (even though he gobbled them up yesterday), the lettuce is disgusting, or anything else along those lines.

In my protective cone of silence, I wouldn’t be hit by a flying fork, thrown across the dinner table in frustration by our toddler. I wouldn’t scrape bolognaise sauce covered pasta off the floor. I could see my beautiful children and speak with them, but if it all went pear-shaped and the tantrums started, I could flip the switch on my cone of silence, and be oblivious to it all.


I couldn’t care less if the cook specialised in a certain type of cuisine. In fact, I don’t think it would really matter as the kids probably wouldn’t eat half of it. Although we did recently have some rare successes with Jamaican jerk chicken with rice and beans, chicken sang choy bow, and Middle Eastern inspired lamb burgers…

The main prerequisite would be being able to cook a meal and have it ready on the table in about 15 minutes, or by 5.15pm. Yes, we eat that early. Any later and it’s just asking for trouble…

The cook could deal with it all. My husband and I would be able to eat our dinner at a normal humanly pace. We wouldn’t have to quickly shovel the food in our mouths so we could a) eat it while it was hot, and b) finish our meal before it all escalated to that point of no return in the witching hour when if you don’t start getting the kids ready for baths and bed right this very minute, you’re going to pay for it.

Ah, the serenity. I can imagine it now.

How lovely would that be?

However, we all know that there is, unfortunately, no such thing as a genie. You’re wondering why on earth I’m asking you to ponder on this hypothetical question of how would you would spend $50,000 in a day?

Although there are no such things as genies, and I can’t predict the winning lottery numbers, you can still be in the running to win $50,000! Mortgage Choice is giving customers a chance to win $50,000. How? If you settle a home loan worth at least $150,000 with Mortgage Choice by 31 January 2016, you’ll have the chance to win $50,000 cash – how amazing is that?! Full details can be found here. So get your thinking caps on as you might actually be spending that money soon!

What would you spend $50k on if you had the chance?

Would you be sensible, or splurge?

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*This post is my entry in Mortgage Choice’s “How would you spend $50k in just one day” promotion.

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20 thoughts on “A genie gives you $50k to spend in a day…

  1. Yes please! I think I would be sensible with most of it (mortgage) but I might take $5k and buy us all something we want each. Something major … like iPhones for the kids and perhaps a nice suit for the Husb and maybe a day spa for myself. Or if it was in the next few weeks I’d put the special $5k towards our USA trip because we’ve paid for the airfares but don’t have anything left to spend once we’re over there!


  2. I would put it on a home loan. I’m boring like that.
    But if I already had everything I wanted, I would probably donate it to a charity or something. Still kinda boring, but at least less self concerned 🙂


  3. As we own our home already, I’d use it to buy a little motor home so that the hubster and I could go on regular weekends away together. We travelled Australia in a caravan in 2001 when our kids were small and would love to get back into it again!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x


  4. I love the idea of getting a cook in to take care of the dinner time mayhem!!! My boring idea would be deposit for a home. My awesome idea would be a fancy cruise around some islands with a nanny to watch the kids every move…possibly onshore…


  5. I don’t even want to think about this because I will get depressed that it’s not reality! haha. I would probably put it on the mortgage or put a deposit down on a second home or invest it into a business or stock market… sensible Simon over here 😛 haha


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