Dreambaby product review and giveaway

*This post is in collaboration with Dreambaby®

This time of year, it’s getting pretty damn hot around Australia.

window covering
Probably not the best car window shade…

Traditionally, you’d see towels sticking out of the top of car windows, parents desperate to provide some sort of shade in the car for the kids on longer journeys. Then along came the window sock covers. Kind of like a huge shade cloth bag that had been slipped over one of the entire rear passenger windows.

Both served a purpose and kind of did the job. But both also posed an issue with visibility for the driver. Continue reading

How to juggle, without dropping everything

This is not meI’m a planner. I like things organised. My family calls me anal retentive. I prefer the term “highly organised”. Ok, there’s probably a bit of OCD in there too.

Work has gotten a lot busier for me recently, so I’ve had to turn up the level of organisation at home. Along with the level of organisation, the levels of craziness kind of increase too. Continue reading