So much for a tantrum-free Christmas…

tantrumMy wish this year was for a tantrum-free Christmas.

High hopes and great expectations, I know. But a person has to dream, right?

Did I get that wish? That pie in the sky dream? Nope. Not even close.

We had no less than nine, yes, nine tantrums from our toddler on Christmas Day. Nine tantrums of varying degrees, from kind of minor, to full-blown melt down. So much for a peaceful day.

Now I can kind of understand if the tantrums were over something substantial. I don’t know, like his older brother taking one of his toys. But no. Most of the tantrums were because he got frustrated over nothing that we could see or make a connection to, and then because he was frustrated, the toddler then threw the toy or item he was holding. This of course led to a bigger tantrum because he suddenly was no longer holding the said item. Apparently he tried to use the force or some other kind of telekinesis trick to bring the object back to him (mostly from right at his feet), but that didn’t work, which turned the tantrum into a bigger meltdown.

tantrum yoga

We had several episodes of him flinging himself on the floor and doing the ‘thrashing fish’. You know the one, when they flap their arms and legs around, complete with snot bubbles. This was over, well actually, I have no effing idea what they were over.

Once again, like the toddler tornado that he is, there was little warning and thankfully didn’t last *too* long.

Give me strength. Did I mention that it wasn’t even mid-morning at this stage?

Champagne was drunk before lunchtime. Lots of chocolate was consumed.

At least we managed to get a pretty decent nap from the toddler so we could all regather our mental strength and fortify ourselves with more chocolate for the afternoon stint.

The paper hats from the Christmas crackers were not well-received. Apparently they pissed off the toddler for some reason. He didn’t like the rest of us wearing them either, despite him having an obsession with hats….


By the time the afternoon rolled around, my husband and I were exhausted. We had had a water pistol fight outside with our seven year old Β – that ended in tears as apparently we weren’t playing fair; we’d set up the toddler’s water and sand activity table and helped him with that, but he just wanted to try and take his brother’s water pistols (cue more tears); we’d watched some cartoons and had plenty to eat to ensure blood sugar levels were stabilised, and played with the new toys. But everyone was still cranky.

In the end, my husband and I threw caution to the wind, got changed into running gear, chucked the pram and kids in the car and took them for a run. Our seven year old managed to run 4km and our toddler was enjoying the scenery at the lake so much that he managed to forget why he was cranky.

Finally! A slight reprieve.

When we eventually got the kids ready for bed, our seven year old mentioned how awesome the day was and could we do it again tomorrow?…

*anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes, but any tantrum seems like it lasts for ages!*

Did you have a tantrum-free Christmas?

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18 thoughts on “So much for a tantrum-free Christmas…

  1. Great post! Sorry to chuckle at your expense, but pretty funny. : ) We had our share of tantrums as well – Our 16 year old kept pretending to take our 2 year old’s finger and eat it. She started screaming like she was being killed – only after did I find out the source of all the drama – my teenager who knows better! Gotta love ’em!


  2. What a big day you had! My kids are much older and tantrums are long gone, but we now get the huffing, puffing and silent treatment if they wish to show their displeasure.. haha..


  3. Hehe – excuse my chuckles! We’ve all been there! My kids are all grown now but OMG I will never forget the tantrums! Happy New Year to you! xo


  4. oh my goodness! This is my all day every day. I swear my kids can’t be cranky all at once, they have to stagger it just to drive m crazy. It’s their own special plot I am telling you! Funny post! Hope you get a few minutes of peace πŸ™‚


  5. That’s impressive! I don’t recall any temper tantrums, but our 8 year old didn’t want his paper crown because it was pink. The four year old didn’t want his because it was too big. There was the usual fighting over toys, but no tantrums. Well, except for stomping and screaming because there was a “lump” (seam) in his sock, he couldn’t get his coat zipped and he didn’t want scrambled eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast even though he loves all three.


  6. We didn’t have a tantrum free Christmas either. My 7 year old had a breakdown because she didn’t get what she wanted from her Christmas list, was wailing that Santa didn’t love her and we didn’t love her, and no one appreciated her best attempts to get on the nice list. She then spent the rest of the day telling us to drop her off at an orphanage.


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