Hell hath no fury like my pissed off toddler

toddler-tantrum-picture2Hell hath no fury like a pissed off toddler. More specifically, like my toddler.

I’m a redhead. This means, generally speaking, like other redheads, I have a very short fuse*.

My parents have told me stories of when I was a toddler and my temper. Think of the phrase, “hell hath no fury like a pissed off toddler”. Now factor in the redhead element into the equation, and it starts to paint a pretty scary picture of some epic toddler tantrums. Now times that by five, and according to my parents, this is what my toddler is like.

Oh, joy.

My parents recently visited us from interstate and observed the toddler’s behaviour first-hand. When I had previously mentioned examples of his tantrums to them on the phone, I think they thought I was bullshitting exaggerating. Now they know I wasn’t…

My parents think it is hilarious. Kind of like karma for those days when I would flip my lid over not much at all.

Seriously, like flipping a switch.

I thought karma was supposed to be about balancing things out. If my toddler’s attitude is supposed to be some sort of karma for what I was like as a toddler myself, what else have I done to piss off the universe to get an extra serving of crazy thrown in the mix?!

The thing is, he isn’t even a redhead. He’s blonde like his older, placid brother. It throws people off when they witness his full-blown tantrums.

confused face“But he was so happy a minute ago”, they say.

“I know”, I reply.

“Well, what happened?”, they ask.

“I have no effing idea”, I tell them.

We now just tell people that he should be a redhead so everyone at least gets a visual warning of the possible tempest that is brewing just below the surface.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent looking toddler. He may be blonde, but there’s a storm coming… Batten down the hatches, it ain’t going to be pretty.

storm coming

I get the whole toddler behaviour, they’re learning to express themselves, still learning how to communicate, etc. etc. Got it. Roger that. Acknowledged.

I survived the toddler years with our eldest, relatively unscathed. I didn’t eat my body weight’s worth of chocolate. Didn’t buy out all the stock from our local wineries.

This time around though, well…

*Now before anyone gets offended about my sweeping generalisation about redheads, I get it. It’s ok. It is a generalisation. I’m sure there are plenty of placid, docile and completely calm redheads out there. I’m just yet to meet a single one of them. All the redheads in our family and my redhead friends all have short fuses. Coincidence? I’m not so sure…

What are your toddler’s tantrums like?

Are you a calm redhead?

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25 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury like my pissed off toddler

  1. HA! Aren’t temper tantrums great? What’s funny is that my four year is currently have one. At this very second. Yet I just sit here and type because I know the storm will be over in a second… it’s over now actually. 🙂 And he’s a blonde. Honorary redhead?


  2. My brother was/is a redhead (no hair left thanks to Dad’s genes) and was always “emotional”. Still is. About to turn 40 and I want to smack him upside the head and tell him to grow up.

    As for toddler tantrums. I didn’t start laughing at them till I had my 3rd child. At home I would step over him doing his thing on the floor and move on. I think he figured out it wasn’t working. Those ones outside the house though? My golly. You just want to sell that little person off to the trolls. My oldest spent 10 years being awful (to me anyway – she was fine outside the house) and then turned nice at 13. That’s really kind of the best scenario. Guess what? They grow up OK.


  3. *big sigh* can totally relate.

    My eldest son, at the time I thought was difficult, then came along his younger brother. He’s two now so yep terrible two’s – expect that, went through it already, know what it can be like.

    Just this morning he threw an big tanti cause I wouldn’t give him a toy he really wanted until he finished his breakfast. I’m trying to get him to understand, now that he’s older there are boundaries and rules he has to also follow, and he’s not going to always sook his way to what he wants.

    An hour of crying and sooking I gave in. My youngest is the boss of this household.


  4. The toddler years have gotten worse with each of my children. My second son we called it monster mode, and then my daughter is our firecracker. It’s like she would enter a room and just explode and then move along and explode somewhere else. Hoping that preschool will mean it’ll settle down. *crosses fingers*


  5. My almost four year old girl (blonde!) throws the worst tantrums. When she is upset, she stomps and throws herself across the room with no regard for her safety. The worst thing now is that her five year old brother rushes to her defense every time she does this and blames me for making her sad! I’m feeling outnumbered!


  6. We just hit the REAL tantrum stage – I thought we’d had a few before, but oh God, no. Today he SCREAMED at the TOP of his lungs as if I had hit him until my husband came in. He saw me, hoding a chair in from being pulled from the table with an annoyed stare and a 19 month old with the world’s reddest face and most open mouth of all time.


  7. Sounds exactly like my two. The eldest would throw tantrums and what not but my youngest? Oh man, she has taken it to a whole new level. Her tantrums are full-on screaming, throwing herself on the floor, thrashing arms and legs affairs and it is beyond ridiculous. It takes nothing at all to make her snap! They are growing less frequent though as the months roll on (she’ll be three at the end of July) and we are hoping to be able to start taking her out in public again soon. Till then we limit public outings in crowds as much as possible and stick to quiet parks with minimal kids she can scream at and yell “No! Go away! My park!!!” to, and mostly just hang out with friends who are very understanding!


  8. Haha! (Low, rolling laugh). I love this. I have had myself some shitty toddler years you can bet. (Six kids and all.) My least fave years are 3-4.5 as a rule, thanks to the small person with the short fuse. Having said that, number six was born a thoughtful and well-mannered child. I am quite shocked really, since there’s so much sibling pressure and many poor examples to make her otherwise. This time round I’ve had to swallow my own theory (that 3-4.5 year olds suck) and say otherwise.
    I feel for you however. I know the ‘snap’ thing well. This too shall pass!


  9. Hehe! CAlm redhead with a firecracker brunette fournado daughter! She doesn’t have tantrums so much as she has non-tantrums. They’re the five minutes a day she’s not chucking a wobbly!


  10. In my experience, I don’t think you’re ever too old for a tanty no matter what your hair colour! Just sayin’! PS I hope you’re videoing his performances because surely you’ll want some footage for the 21st birthday party!


  11. My twin boys just entered the tantrum stage and iv’e had quite a couple lie-on-the-floor, banging hands and feet whilst screaming at the top of their lungs moments already. Lets hope we pass through it quickly.


  12. Ha ha ha made me chuckle. I am a brunette… i don’t get angry unfortunately I get sad and end up in tears. My bubba (who is only 6 months) fake cries…. and fake cries… and fake screams until mummy appears the noise instantly stops and she smiles. Generally this occurs from bedtime until i give in and go to bed too then its peaceful. Bloody Diva!!



  13. I’m still waiting for my younger son to get over the toddler tantrum phase – and he’s nearly four! He has one of those super hero T-shirts in which the child’s head becomes that of the character. It’s of the Hulk. It’s not wasted on him!


  14. Yes indeed. Toddlers really don’t need a reason to throw a tantrum. The most puzzling one of all is when they ask for something to eat, you make it, go to hand it to them then they throw themselves on the floor in disgust. Seriously, what went wrong there? lol #brilliantblogposts


  15. I’m a brunette but my red headed toddler seems determined to turn it grey!
    Out of 4 kids, she’s the worst and until I read this, I hadn’t even factored in the red hair. Explains everything?


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