Taking stock

taking stockThe year is flying by. The leaves on the trees are changing colour here and I’m looking forward to the cooler weather. The last month or so has been full-on, so it felt like the perfect time to take stock again and practice a little gratitude.

Making: plans to get around to finish painting the boys’ rooms. Keep procrastinating though, painting ceilings is horrible.
Cooking: pasta. Comfort food for cooler weather.
Drinking: shiraz – perfect weather for a glass of red in the evening, and peppermint tea during the day.
Reading: a good old chick-lit paper back, and a fascinating, if not rather heavy, history of the creation of the NSA and GCHQ. Polar opposites, I know.
Wanting: to sleep, and read Big Magic.
Looking: online at incredible properties in the country, knowing it is always going to remain a dream.
Playing: the board game Trouble, with the seven year old, and getting beaten every time.
Wishing: for an overseas holiday.
Enjoying: trashy tv shows I have discovered – Millionaire Matchmaker (so tragically trashy, but love it!)
Liking: autumn, and being able to wear coats and boots again.
Wondering: if we’ll ever have a ‘normal’ mealtime with our kids in the next 10 years, where no one has to be asked 20 times to eat their food…
Loving: the fact we have private health insurance which picked up the very expensive bill for an ambulance ride a few weeks ago.
Watching: the romantic comedy Something Borrowed.
Hoping: for some plans to come to fruition.
Marvelling: at how the kids can show so much affection for each one moment, and the next, be yelling and trying to fart on each other.
Cringing: at what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.
Needing: to sort out Netflix so I can catch up on House of Cards!
Smelling: wood smoke from neighbour’s fireplaces.
Wearing: uggboots! A must-have for Canberra (for wearing indoors only, I’m not a bogan).
Noticing: the leaves are all changing colour and it will almost be time for the kids to play in the piles of leaves along the lake.
Thinking: about looking into doing a course through MOOCs. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. So many to choose from!
Admiring: the work so many incredible people do in our community, for very little thanks and recognition. Oz Harvest, The Nappy Collective, community food pantries and Share the Dignity, are just a few.
Sorting: kids’ clothes that no longer fit and giving them to local charity op shops.
Opening: cookbooks I haven’t looked at in a while, trying to find inspiration for meals the family will eat.
Giggling: at re-runs of Friends, so many funny moments.
Feeling: in need of a catch up with my incredible girlfriends.
Snacking: on way too much crap food. Need to change that 🙂
Helping: spread the word of the incredible work Share the Dignity does. An organisation that provides at risk women in your community with sanitary products. No woman should have to choose between buying sanitary products or food.
Hearing: the hysterical laughter of my boys while they play and wrestle, knowing in about a minute, it will turn in to tears.

What shows are you watching at the moment?
Have you done a course through MOOCs?

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7 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. We still need to paint my sons room too, the wall was pink when we moved in & a year later it still is! I’m loving watching the seven year switch & thanks to my son have just recently gotten into Dr Who. I want & need to figure out Netflix too though as I can’t wait for the Gilmore Girls to come back.


  2. Your marvelling made me giggle. And nod along. HOW DOES IT WORK? And we started watching House of Cards last night. How have we not watched it before? Love it! #teamIBOT


  3. I’m loving the arrival of the cooler weather too. So nice to be able to wear jeans most of the time! It’s so nice to just stop and be grateful for how blessed life really is. Thanks Emma!


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