Just when you think you’re a crap parent…

Just when you think you're aI’m going to be honest. Parenting has felt difficult recently. The kids just don’t listen, everyone seems tired, and some days, I think I might as well be invisible. I was talking to my seven year old the other day, when while he was looking at me, he said, “pardon, are you talking to me?”

At least he didn’t say, “what?”

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Outsourcing: how parents get sh*t done

Outsourcing-Parents are always busy. Always. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or five, there are always things to do. If you’re a working parent, it just goes up to another level of busyness. So how do you get shit stuff done? I see it as you have two options.
1. You lower your standards and expectations.
2. You outsource.

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