Just when you think you’re a crap parent…

Just when you think you're aI’m going to be honest. Parenting has felt difficult recently. The kids just don’t listen, everyone seems tired, and some days, I think I might as well be invisible. I was talking to my seven year old the other day, when while he was looking at me, he said, “pardon, are you talking to me?”

At least he didn’t say, “what?”

I felt like banging my head against the wall. Continue reading

Sinchies reusable pouches review

Nude food. Apparently it is so popular these days, it is referred to as the ‘nude food movement’! Before you start wondering why on earth food is getting nude and strutting around and getting confused as to what I’m talking about, ‘nude food’ is food without packaging or reusable packaging, to minimise waste.

Our seven year old’s school is part of the whole ‘nude food movement’ and since following this approach, the school has drastically reduced the amount of waste around the school. The school has requested that children use either a bento style lunch box (with divided sections to separate foods), or use reusable wrappings.

Cue Sinchies reusable pouches. We were recently able to test out Sinchies reusable pouches for both our seven year old and toddler – these little pouches are fantastic!  Continue reading