Sinchies reusable pouches review

Nude food. Apparently it is so popular these days, it is referred to as the ‘nude food movement’! Before you start wondering why on earth food is getting nude and strutting around and getting confused as to what I’m talking about, ‘nude food’ is food without packaging or reusable packaging, to minimise waste.

Our seven year old’s school is part of the whole ‘nude food movement’ and since following this approach, the school has drastically reduced the amount of waste around the school. The school has requested that children use either a bento style lunch box (with divided sections to separate foods), or use reusable wrappings.

Cue Sinchies reusable pouches. We were recently able to test out Sinchies reusable pouches for both our seven year old and toddler – these little pouches are fantastic! 

Sinchies (1)

Instead of using the standard snap lock style plastic bags from the supermarket, the Sinchies reusable pouches are made from recyclable plastic, are free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC, and of course, are reusable. No mounds of plastic going in the bin at school! Just give them a good wash before you use them (and they’re dishwasher friendly!) – and voilà. You’re good to go.

The snack bag size is perfect for chopped up fruit for your kid’s lunch box for day care or school, or to pop in your handbag/nappy bag when you’re out and about. Some berries or chopped apple or pear – perfect. I don’t like chopping up fruit for our seven year old’s lunch box as it tends to somehow get squished with the other stuff. The Sinchies bags help keep everything separate 🙂 I also used the snack bag for biscuits or crackers, dried fruit and nuts for me to pop in my handbag.

Sinchies also makes a sandwich bag, and a wrap bag – a longer length to fit in flat bread wraps for lunches – no need to use endless layers of plastic wrap!

Instead of buying the yoghurt or custard pouches from the supermarket, we use the Sinchies pouches. Buy a big tub of yoghurt (much cheaper than buying individual squeezy pouches) and fill the Sinchies pouches. These are great for toddlers (and for school lunch boxes) – and super handy if your kids have allergies or intolerances and you make your own. Can’t find dairy-free squeezy pouches in the supermarket for your kids? Use your favourite alternative in the Sinchies pouches and no one feels like they’re missing out 🙂

Do you make your own baby food and purées? Pop them in the Sinchies pouches. I even used the sandwich bag size pouch to store pumpkin soup in the freezer! Takes up less room than a plastic container – and it fits two adult lunch portion sizes in one bag.

Pumpkin soup in Sinchies sandwich bag

If you have a surplus of bananas, peel some and pop them in the Sinchies reusable pouch for the freezer for use in smoothies. Same goes for berries. We love blueberries on pancakes for breakfast on the weekend – this way we can buy beautiful blueberries from the market and  keep them for pancakes! Our chilli plant went crazy this season and we have frozen handfuls of the hot chillies in Sinchies pouches in the freezer. Great to add to curries and soups for a bit of kick.

Here are some other ideas for your Sinchies:

  • Make a batch of your favourite spice rub for BBQs and store them in the pouches.
  • Store a batch of your favourite pasta sauce in a Sinchie pouch for the freezer for those nights when you’re too tired to cook anything from scratch.
  • Use one as a mini first aid kit – bandaids, medications, hand sanitiser gel, sun cream – all visible in the clear pouch and pop it in your bag.
  • Keep your mobile phone dry when camping.
  • Use one for your toiletries or make up when flying and travelling.

We were super happy with the Sinchies reusable pouches for us – if only I’d discovered them earlier!

I was gifted a set of the Sinchies reusable pouches for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Have you tried Sinchies reusable pouches? Is your kids’ school a ‘nude food’ school?

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6 thoughts on “Sinchies reusable pouches review

  1. They look excellent. Our school does not have a ‘nude food’ policy yet, but I imagine it’ll happen eventually!


  2. My girls’ school doesn’t have a ‘nude food’ policy (yet) but I try to avoid food wrapping when possible anyway by sending their lunches in re-usable pouches and containers. I haven’t tried Sinchies before so might have to look them up next time I’m in need of something for their lunch boxes as it sounds like they have a good range.


  3. I am always worried about the washing/drying part of using these. I like using glass containers at the moment – they just wash nicer in the dishwasher {but then again, my boys aren’t old enough to be taking this to school where glass would be a big ‘no-no’.


    1. I good tip I read is after you have washed and done a quick dry of the Sinchies, pop them in the freezer! I also love using glass containers – but with a no glass rule at school, and our toddler, the Sinchies are a safer option for us at the moment!


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