Help find Bear


Here is when I need to be a superhero mum. My seven year old’s toy bear has gone on an extended holiday when we returned from our recent family holiday. In other words, the bear has gone missing, and the seven year old is beside himself with grief.

I read stories all the time about families who lose a toy when they’re travelling, and how airlines locate the lost toy and everyone is reunited. I need this to be one of those times. I need to make this situation better.

Bear is easily identified by the worn patches in his fur, and although Bear was originally white, he’s now grey after the years of being with us. Maybe the greying hair thing isn’t just isolated to parents… He looks kind of like this toy bear, and rattles –

bear pic

Bear has been with us for almost 8 years and I’m hoping a nice family has found him and is looking after him until he can be safely reunited with his owner. Bear has most likely decided to hang out at Gold Coast airport, Sydney airport or Canberra airport but doesn’t have our contact details written on him. Unlike the toddler’s toy bear, which has our phone number written on it as it goes everywhere, Bear is a home body and isn’t a frequent traveller.

So if you’ve found Bear, seen Bear or know someone who has found Bear, please get in contact.

My seven year old is heartbroken, and I need to fix it.

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2 thoughts on “Help find Bear

  1. my six year old is also attached to a bear, I hope you find her sweet bear! They are just a special kind of playmate and I can’t imagine how heartbroken your little one is!


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