The joys of toddlers

the joys of toddlersOur toddler has started a wonderful phase that I call Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. He can be full of smiles and laughter one moment, and the next, he hates everything and just runs around the house yelling. Delightful, really.

He can love a particular item for hours, even days, and then – its dead to him. Or he hates it with a burning passion. And the fun part is, you just don’t know when the love phase is going to end, and the cranky, feral phase begins.

Toddler psychology Hurrah For Gin

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I’m trying to laugh at them though, as they are actually highly entertaining. They also provide a lot of material for me to keep and use for his 21st… Here are some things that have recently pissed him off and caused a thundercloud of a mood to hover over him:

  • His fingers were wrinkly after his bath
  • His brother also had toast for breakfast
  • His zip was done up on his jumper
  • The dogs were looking at him
  • I wouldn’t let him touch the hot saucepan
  • I told him the knives in the kitchen were sharp
  • Playschool finished
  • The rubbish truck drove down the street and away after it emptied our rubbish bin
  • It was windy outside
  • There were bananas in the fruit bowl
  • His toast was cut into triangles
  • The grated cheese melted on his pasta

The wrinkly fingers situation after his bath was hilarious. He was in a mood for about half an hour because of it. The filthy looks he was giving me about the wrinkly fingers was obviously his way of telling me it was all my fault. Obviously. When I tried to explain to him that everyone’s fingers will go wrinkly if they stay in the bath too long, he started yelling, as if to warn his brother to get out the water NOW and avoid a similar fate. A terrible thing, wrinkly fingers from a lovely bath.

But being pissed off about bananas being in the fruit bowl? What is with that?!

Lots more laughs to come from this toddler’s behaviour, I’m sure of that.

What have your kids done recently to make you laugh?
Do you have a toddler with Jekyll and Hyde syndrome?

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13 thoughts on “The joys of toddlers

  1. Miss 1 is going through a stage of ear piercing screams whenever she can’t or isn’t allowed to do something. It hurts.


  2. My little one when through some of that. She still gets in her moods and it’s a challenge to keep my perspective while trying to help her learn to deal with her really strong emotions in a positive way. Like yesterday’s tantrum over not being able to catch a ball as successfully as her big brother, followed by a bedtime tantrum because mommy was singing the wrong song – which took me awhile to figure out because I’m not psychic. She’s 6. It does get easier though, really…


  3. Are you sure you’re not describing my 3 year old?? Argh it’s constant lately – but it is a bit funny too. Hee hee what a bad mum letting his cheese melt and not stopping the rubbish truck – that’s too funny! Kids, they’re exhausting. x x


  4. Well today my 3 year old cracked a total wobbly when we went into a lift because I hadn’t let him press the button to call it… we ended up having to go out of the lift and let him press the button to start again!! Love Katie @ Going To Seed. c/o #Mummymondays


  5. OMG my threenager is driving me BONKERS! Totally Jekyll and Hyde! This morning he had a 20 minute screaming-on-the-floor tantrum about taking his soaking wet overnight nappy off. He wanted to leave it on because it was “all warm and cosy”. FFS.


  6. My toddler def has it! She has a bantam chicken she named Fred, and she carries him around everywhere! Except in the house because I outlawed it πŸ™‚ She threw a huge screaming fit the other day because someone asked if he could borrow Fred for a chicken, and dumpling dinner. I don’t blame her on that one!


  7. I can sympathise with the wrinkly finger tantrum. My 15 month old realised that she has hair a few weeks ago and it triggered a full meltdown. I had to try so hard not to laugh. No wonder she always wants to wear a hat…


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