Sometimes you just have to say, “f*ck it”

sometimes-you-just-have-to-say-f-ck-it-1What is it with this time of year? Everyone is exhausted and cranky. We’re trying to tick all those jobs off our lists in time for Christmas and school holidays. Lots of pressure. But we know that when it actually gets to school holidays and Christmas, we’re going to be so over it all, we won’t enjoy the time properly.

We’d all rather prefer to hide in a cupboard somewhere with a jar of nutella and a spoon, or a great big glass of red. Or maybe both….

There’s the spare room you have to clear out and make Instagram worthy before the relatives descend and stay for the Christmas break.

The fitness regime to get on board with, so you can try to finally wear that bikini that has been staring at you from the drawer, or those shorts that you’re trying to get the confidence to rock them with the new fabulous sandals you bought.

All the paperwork at the office to finalise and get in order/meetings to book before next year.

All the social gatherings and catch ups before the end of the year.

Get a whole lot of stuff done so it doesn’t roll over to your New Year’s resolution list and then you get the guilts because it doesn’t get crossed off.

The list just keeps going.

I’ve come to a new understanding. A new level of peace, you might say. Sometimes, you just have to say “fuck it”.

If we try to do all the things on all the lists, (and as a Type A personality, I have lists everywhere), we are going to end up curled up in a ball on the floor. Burnt out and exhausted. And not even getting to enjoy what should be a fun time of year.

So try it. Say, “fuck it”.

Stop putting pressure on yourself. You can say “no” if you prefer, but saying “fuck it” is much more satisfying.

A wise friend recently told me, when I mentioned to him that I felt guilty for not going for a run, instead trying to get a bit of extra sleep, “most of the time, sleep is more important for parents than exercise”.

I’m not saying don’t look after your health and well-being and stay on the couch. Sometimes, to keep our sanity, an extra half hour sleep is worth more to a parent than exercise. So don’t feel bad if you hit snooze instead of going for a run. Just try and make it up to yourself later on.

Don’t fit in that bikini from last year/before kids/from when you were 20? Got a few more wobbly bits than you care to admit to having? No problem. Go and get a pair of bathers you feel comfortable in. As long as you’re having fun at the beach or by the pool, with your kids or friends, who really cares if you don’t have abs of steel?

Hosting the entire family for Christmas and freaking out over how you’re going to make it all come together and get everything done? Split up the jobs. Ask everyone to bring a plate of something, instead of putting pressure of yourself to do it all. Unless you love making everything from scratch, can you get anything that is already prepared for you? Like the Christmas pudding?

Book yourself in for some me time. A massage. A coffee or dinner date with some friends. A session at the gym. A walk along the beach. Go to bed early and read a great book.

Get your groceries home delivered. Make a big list of everything you think you’re going to need and submit that list online. Know where your nearest small local shops are so you can support them if you just need some extra milk or fruit. When I get stuck behind people just meandering through the shopping centre when I just want to get a few things and get home, it drives me batty. I try to see it as the Universe’s way of telling me to just breathe and slow down, but sometimes I just don’t have the patience. I’d rather use the time otherwise spend battling for a parking space by going to the park with the kids.

Try to make things easier for yourself. Do something nice for you.

Put it on your list, then you will make time for it.

Please put one thing on your list that will keep you healthy, but you have been putting off for whatever reason. Like getting a pap smear, a skin check or a dental check up. Look after your health. Please, book those things in now and then they’re done.

Make your list small to avoid overwhelm and give yourself the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment. Its so much better that way.

Go ahead, say, “fuck it”. Stop trying to be Wonderwoman.

Do you put incredible pressure on yourself to get all the things done?
Have you embraced the “fuck it” mentality for this time of year?

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to say, “f*ck it”

  1. I just wrote nearly an identical comment on another post, please forgive me 🙂 I am fortunate enough not to find Christmas stressful, BUT being builders managing the expectations of clients is nearly impossible at this time and that heaps the stress on to the 2 of us. I occasional say Fuck it, but generally it gets me into trouble 🙂 so have to practice self care in other ways, generally by reminding myself there are only 17 days to go!! Great post.


  2. I tried to start from early November this year and it really did help. I feel pretty relaxed about the whole season because I got the kids presents (which is the most stressful bit) under control before school was out. Now I’m looking forward to just spending some time with them at the beach. Yay.


  3. Love this post!!! As much as I’d love to hide in the cupboard with a jar of Nutella and a spoon I don’t think I’d be left alone for long 🙂 I’ve tried to be more organised for Christmas this year which has helped and I’m definitely taking advantage of online grocery shopping again, but there’s still a slightly stressful undertone to the whole season. I’m so looking forward to the end of the school term – the countdown is definitely on!


  4. I am a big one for saying “Fuck it!”. In fact I probably say it too much, lol! The one thing on my list that is most important at the moment is spending the $150 voucher I got earlier in the year for a fancy day spa down the road. I plan on treating myself once all of the Christmas presents have been bought and I can relax!


  5. Yes! Brilliant advice.
    I’m way ahead of you, catching the extra zzz’s instead of going for a run. Shopping for board shorts to cover up these thighs will be next on the list.


  6. I love this! And must admit that those two words have been muttered throughout my year. I realised this year {after never realising it!) that it’s okay to take shortcuts, and shortcuts I did. It’s kept me sane. Look forward to reading more of your blog in 2017 xx


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