Throw kindness around like confetti

Random acts of kindness. You don’t seem to hear much about them these days. All the news we seem to hear is about atrocities, terror, disasters, corruption. Can we change this, please?

At this time of year, people are often talking about making resolutions for the year ahead. Weight they’d like to lose, places they’d like to travel to, promotions they’d like to achieve. Challenges to take part in – step challenges, push up challenges, healthy eating challenges. That’s awesome. We all need something to focus on.

I have a challenge to extend to you. A random acts of kindness challenge.


What would happen if we all did one kind thing for someone else each week, for a whole year?

Pay for the coffee of the person in the line behind you. Bring in your neighbour’s rubbish bin. Donate some non-perishable goods to a local shelter or food pantry. Give genuine compliments.

Random acts of kindness isn’t going to change the world dramatically, I know. But wouldn’t it be nice to give it a go?

Throw kindness around like confetti. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

Who’s with me for the random acts of kindness challenge?

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