5 must-watch shows on Netflix

Looking for some recommendations for must-watch shows on Netflix?

Here are some shows that will have you hooked in no time.

Suits. Set in New York, a young man is given a job as a lawyer at a prestigious law firm, despite never graduating from law school. A great drama and fabulous cast. Also worth checking out the characters of Donna, Jessica and Rachel for some work wardrobe inspiration! Definitely add it to your binge watch list.

Santa Clarita Diet. Think Dexter meets Desperate Housewives. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are a husband and wife real estate agent duo who live in the suburbs. The twist is, she eats human flesh. There is currently only one season of Santa Clarita Diet available to watch, I can’t wait for the next season!

Greenleaf. This is a new one I’ve discovered. About a family behind a mega-church in Tennessee and all the things that go on behind closed doors – adultery, drugs, and drama galore. Also stars Oprah Winfrey.

Homeland. I became hooked on this when it first aired on free-to-air tv. A drama about a young, bi-polar CIA agent. All the dramas, twists and political back-stabbing that goes on within the government and intelligence agencies. Clare Danes is brilliant.

Nashville. I wouldn’t call myself a country music fan, but I adored this show. One of those shows with no offensive swearing and no unnecessary violence, just great writing and the music weaves beautifully throughout every episode. If you’re currently addicted to house decorating inspiration on Pinterest, the houses featured on the show will have you drooling. You will be saying “y’all” in no time! If you can’t find Nashville on Netflix, go and rent/buy the series on DVD!

What are some of the shows you’ve been enjoying on Netflix?

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4 thoughts on “5 must-watch shows on Netflix

  1. I kind of went off Homeland a few series ago, maybe I should try and get back into it. Santa Clarita was awesome. I must get all aboard the Nashville train. My recent favourites include Designated Survivor and The Shooter. Word on the street, is that Grace and Frankie season 3 is coming soon. Bring it!


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