Toddlers: when a green plate means the end of the world

Toddlers. Delightful small humans. Some days they just make your heart almost burst from so much love, other days, you want to sign up for a bulk wine home delivery service.

Welcome to the phase of parenting that will make you feel like you’re living with small, drunk, bi-polar pirates…

Toddlers lose their shit. All. the. time. They lose their shit over things that to us, seem completely nonsensical, and often utterly bizarre.

They have mood swings that rival the scariest woman you know with PMS. One moment they’re laughing hysterically over something random, like a cup, and then the next, they’re in tears.

Our toddler is not immune to these crazy mood swings, or to losing his shit. Here are some of the things that have recently caused near-hysteria and full-blown tantrums.

His hair was wet after a shower

My hair was dry, after he watched me use the hairdryer to dry my hair

The dogs ate the dog food he put in their bowl. Apparently he just wanted them to look at the food.

He was no longer holding his dummy, after he threw his dummy.

The book we were reading was finished.

I gave him the green plate, after he asked for the green plate.

His brother was having toast for breakfast.

I put honey on his porridge, after he asked for honey on his porridge.

The rubbish truck emptied the rubbish bins.

His brother looked out the car window on his side.

You know, the normal random stuff toddler’s get pissed off about.

What has made your toddler cranky recently?

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