Ageing gracefully

I’m all for ageing gracefully

I get that as we age, things change.

I have wrinkles around my eyes, which I say are laughter lines. Sounds so much better that way. Although it was so kindly pointed out to me once by a beautician who barely looked old enough to have finished primary school, that I probably should start thinking about using an eye cream to reduce those wrinkles.

I was 26 when she told me that….

She was lucky I was too relaxed by then from the facial that I didn’t have the strength to smack her.

Fast forward about a decade later and I’m fast approaching 40…

Whomever started the theory that redheads don’t go grey (either at all, or very, very slowly) is wrong.

I’m totally calling bullshit on that.

This morning when I was brushing my teeth, I noticed something in my reflection that had me exclaim rather loudly, “WTF is that?!”

A grey EYEBROW hair. That little bastard definitely wasn’t there last night. But this morning, it was like one of those crazy old man eyebrow hairs had transplanted itself on to my face.


Remember John Howard’s eyebrows? Those crazy grey hairs that stuck out everywhere? I’m now worried that I’ll wake up one morning and my eyebrows will cause my kids to scream in fright when they see me first thing over breakfast.

What is with the dodgy grey hair growing so fast? Am I going to get John Howard-esque eyebrows before I know it?


Have you suddenly had a freak grey eyebrow hair appear overnight?
Or gone completely grey overnight?

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