That time when my kid said …

That time when my kid said that I’m a palaeontologist. Or kind of a palaeontologist, if you’re to believe what my nine-year-old told his teacher.

But I’m not.

Sure, I’m studying palaeontology, because let’s face it, dinosaurs are cool and what kid hasn’t said at one stage that when they grow up, they want to be a palaeontologist. But there’s a difference between studying online for shits and giggles, versus being a doctorate qualified specialist…

That time was when my nine-year-old recently said to his school teacher, “my mum is a palaeontologist. She knows all about dinosaurs like pachycephalosaurus and I’m pretty sure she’d be happy to come and speak to the whole class about them”.

Note how he dropped the name of a dinosaur to give extra credit to what he was saying.

Of course, the teacher believed him. You throw a word like pachycephalosaurus around and a teacher assumes that’s common vocabulary at home.

I don’t even know how this conversation came to happen in class.

Were the students talking about their parents’ jobs? Were they talking about careers they’d like to have when they grow up? Or were the kids obsessing over the new Jurassic Park movie and my son decided to get himself some street cred with his friends?…

According to my son, his teacher got really excited and said that that would be amazing, and would I also be creating a presentation to show the kids, too?

Apparently she’ll be in touch to organise a suitable day and time.


Kids from his class went home that afternoon and told their parents that a real-life palaeontologist was going to come and speak to them about dinosaurs.

I’m sure parents are imagining this…

And the kids are imagining an Owen Grady-like specialist who wrangles velociraptors for a living, because that’s more exciting.

I’m doing this.


So now as well as working full time, (not as a palaeontologist), being a parent and juggling the plethora of stuff that goes with that role, and trying to figure out the meal plan for next week, I’m now adding “make dinosaur presentation for school” to my to do list…

What crazy things have your kids said to their teachers?

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2 thoughts on “That time when my kid said …

  1. We used to have 30 acres and a PIG farm. Hard emphasis on PIG. She loves HORSES.. They had a petting zoo at school for “farm day”. She told all the kids in her class that we had a horse that delivered it’s baby that past weekend… We had a pig that delivered 12 piglets… but no horses. We didn’t own a single horse. The teacher emailed me asking for a photo of it. I asked her what the heck she told them and she goes “I was just kidding! hahaha” I said did you tell THEM that? “Well…no.” Kids are so weird. but the best kind of weird.


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