When it’s been a crap day

When it’s been a crap day. Literally.

The five year old was in a foul mood. He was tired and irritable – he’d had a big day and was overwhelmed so I ran him a bath to help him calm down and re-centre.

Combined with some quiet time, it worked like a charm.

It was after the bath that it all turned to shit.

After pushing the plug to drain the bath and getting him ready in his pyjamas, we sat down to read a story together. A while later, I become aware of an odour wafting down the corridor.

I go and investigate and discover in the bathroom, what I can only really describe as a horror scene.

As the water had drained out of the bath, the pipes had somehow become blocked and the base of the shower had now filled up with liquid that had overflowed from the septic tank and had come back up the pipes.

The base of my shower was an inch deep in poo soup.

And it coincided when my husband and eldest were away for a few days so there was no one else who was going to be able to clean it up.

I still shudder when I think about it. Every scented candle was lit and our air purifier hadn’t worked that hard since hay fever season and the surrounding farms had their hay cut in the paddocks.

Now that, my friends, is a crap day.

Anyone else had a crap day?

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