That time when my kid said …

That time when my kid said that I’m a palaeontologist. Or kind of a palaeontologist, if you’re to believe what my nine-year-old told his teacher.

But I’m not.

Sure, I’m studying palaeontology, because let’s face it, dinosaurs are cool and what kid hasn’t said at one stage that when they grow up, they want to be a palaeontologist. But there’s a difference between studying online for shits and giggles, versus being a doctorate qualified specialist… Continue reading


All I want for Christmas is a nap

All I want for Christmas is a nap. Seriously. A gorgeous, uninterrupted nap with my fab new contour pillow that feels like my head is resting on a cloud.

The perfect nap that leaves you refreshed, happy and ready to deal with even the biggest tantrums the kids decide to throw.

Is that a lot to ask for? Continue reading