Perhaps I should have been a spy

spy childThere are moments as a parent when I often think to myself, “If I wasn’t doing this, what would I do?” Obviously this has many conditions placed on it and it is more about being able to do anything, rather than not taking into account tertiary qualifications, could I actual make a living from it, or having any of the core essential skills. But besides this, I often flit back to the idea of being a spy. Continue reading

10 Things I’ve learnt since having kids

10 Things I've learned since having kids1. Kids are smarter than you think. I found this out the other day when I discovered that my one year old had somehow reprogrammed the remote controls so now the TV remote operated the DVD player and vice versa. We’ve had the TV and DVD player for at least 6 years and had no idea this could be done. Until now… Continue reading