If I could have one wish…

dinner-300x200I love my children dearly. They make me laugh and smile every day, and are also the reason why I’m always so tired.

But no matter how much of a Supermum I may feel like some days, there is always one guaranteed thing that happens that brings me crashing back down to the world of mortals, and makes me feel like a failure. Dinner time. Continue reading

What has happened to the simple act of kindness?

What has happened to the simpleI was out walking the other day with my 70kg worth of dogs, pram and child, when a woman stopped her car, wound down her window and spoke to me. She told me that she has seen me out walking and admires how I make it look so easy (she obviously hasn’t seen me try to rein in the beasts when they see a cat across the road) and how I’ve inspired her to get out more with her dogs and kids. Continue reading